Rocket 1.2 - Release Notes

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We are excited to share another update with the Etherparty community - the release of Rocket 1.2. The release of Rocket 1.2 marks the next milestone in our campaign to deliver the most comprehensive Token Generation Event platform available. This update includes a number of significant additions to the Rocket platform, as well as numerous small improvements and user-flow optimizations.

These include:

Pricing Update: There will be a major change to the pricing structure of Rocket. The cost of launching a basic project on Rocket will now be $10,000USD, and the addition of KYC/AML compliance will be an addon for only $5,000USD.

KYC & AML: Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) features will be added. The KYC feature will give users the option of enabling KYC/AML and Whitelisting on their Token Generation Event. These features will let us identify and verify users on our platform, and ensure that Token Generation Events on our platform are legally complaint.

Newsletter Opt-In - Administration Panel: Implementation of an administration panel. The panel will allow users to have complete control over multiple aspects of their Token Generation Event. The feature will support users with: applying account credit, disabling 2FA, uploading legal documents, assigning the roles and permissions of users, resending the account signup verification email, and toggling (hide/show) a specific Token Generation Event.

Bug Fixes and Improvements: General additions to the underlying platform, including updates to the user interface, flow and general fixes. Users now have the ability to change their login password on Rocket.

We can’t wait to show you what’s next for Rocket as we drive towards the major release of Rocket 2.0 which includes the first iteration of Security Tokens. Make sure to share your opinions on what you would like to see in Rocket 2.0 and earn FUEL!: In the meantime, join the conversation on our social channels - your support is what drives us to deliver best-in-class products for the blockchain industry.

  • The Rocket Team